Yes you can, if...

We truly want to thank you for your involvement: at the end of each session, we will be pleased to offer a $50 Amazon gift card.

Your participation means a lot

50$ Amazon coupon reward
short sessions
Relax usability tests sessions

Discover a new Js tool & get a $50 Amazon gift card

We just need 50 minutes of your time

No stress: we're testing our product, not you!

What's going to happen?

Join one of our User Testing Sessions

Help us improve a product for developers like you:

Join us for a 50 min remote test!

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We schedule an online session with you.

On the D-Day, we give you a task to complete using our product.

We watch remotely what you're doing, and listen to you thinking out loud.

That's it! Thank you for your time and help!

Can I participate?

You have basic

JavaScript skills

You are a pro developer

or a student.